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Universities Are Slow To Reveal Links To Slavery

When Brown University released its landmark report on the institution's connections to slavery in the fall of 2006, academics and reparations advocates across the country praised the institution, but few universities have followed Brown's lead in examining their own history with slavery more than one year later. The culmination of nearly three years of research by the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, a group appointed by President Ruth Simmons, the report outlines Brown's ties to slavery and the history of the reparations movement in America and examines models for restorative … [Read more...]

African Americans’ Struggles, Triumphs Shown in Photo Exhibition

( - Washington -- An exhibition of 100 striking black-and-white photographs evokes the personal stories and hard-won victories of influential African Americans who helped shape the life of their nation over the past 150 years. Let Your Motto Be Resistance: African American Portraits -- the inaugural exhibition of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture ( NMAAHC ) -- traces the history of the United States from the vantage point of people who have suffered discrimination, oppression and injustice.  Even now, after decades of … [Read more...]

Slavery in the Golden State

Did slavery once exist in California? Most Californians, remembering their fourth-grade history classes, would say it did not, and history buffs might point out that California entered the union in 1850 as a "free state," not a "slave state." Technically they're correct, says Michael Magliari, a professor of history at Chico State University. The kind of slavery practiced in the South prior to the Civil War never existed in California. But in the same year California became a state, its Legislature also passed the first of several laws that effectively allowed slavery for the next 17 … [Read more...]

Where Did I Come From? TribalPages Genealogy Maps Have the Answer

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) November 27, 2007 --, home to over 175,000 family tree websites, today announced the Beta release of their new Genealogy Maps. These new tools take location information already present in GEDCOM or online family trees, and provide a unique graphical view of a family history to answer some fundamental questions: * Where Did We Come From? - The Ancestor Map shows all known locations from an individual's ancestors. Showing many generations at one glance, this map quickly show where a person's past lies. * Where Did This Family Live? - The Family Map displays … [Read more...]

Canadians have no idea where they came from, survey says

A quarter of Canadians do not know their grandmother's maiden name. According to a survey of over 1,000 people across the country, almost 40 per cent of respondents could not trace their family history back more than 100 years.The survey, which was released Wednesday, also indicated that 20 per cent of the people polled do not know what countries their families came from and 40 per cent have no idea when they arrived in Canada. It is not just ordinary people who have trouble finding out about their past. Read More … [Read more...]

Mystery surrounds black Confederate veteran

The life of Ike Pringle has become a sort of enigma for local historians who are trying to figure out exactly what role the slave played in the American Civil War. Born in May, 1841, Isaac, or Ike as he was better known, was owned by the Pringle family that lived and owned land around Vimville. Ike took on the name of his owners and was forever called Ike Pringle. At an early age he was given to the grandson of the family, Frank Pringle. Not that far apart in age, the two basically grew up together until the Civil War began. At that time, Frank Pringle joined the 24th Mississippi. Ike … [Read more...] 2.0 Beta Adds Online Family Trees from

BELLEVUE, Wa., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ --, the leading private social networking service for families, today announced the launch of its Family Trees application through the integration of's family tree service, enabling members to create and share family trees right in their sites. With this release, members can now create, share, print and publish an online family tree. Users can start a new tree on their site or upload an existing family tree from a GEDCOM file (a standard genealogical file format) to their site. Site members … [Read more...]

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Joins Forces with Family Tree DNA to Launch

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE), the first company dedicated to offering both genetic testing and genealogical tracing services for African Americans, is being launched this month by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University, in partnership with the Inkwell Foundation and Family Tree DNA, the world’s leader in genetic genealogy. The precedent-setting site is the only company in the field of genetic genealogy … [Read more...]

Sorenson Genomics to Bring the First-Ever Retail DNA Test to Market

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sorenson Genomics, a leading global provider of DNA-related testing services, announced today that the Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit is now available at Rite Aid stores in California, Washington and Oregon. This is the first time that DNA test kits have been available to the public in retail stores. Prior to the advent of this Identigene retail store DNA kit, the generally accepted method of obtaining a DNA paternity test often required involvement from doctors and/or lawyers, weeks of waiting for results, … [Read more...]

Former S.C. slave’s legacy disputed

For years, this city has debated whether to erect a monument to one of its most divisive figures — Denmark Vesey, the convicted plotter of a 19th-century slave rebellion. Now, just when the monument builders have the upper hand, there's another question: Which Vesey should be memorialized? The one who incited slaves to burn down the city, kill the whites, steal the ships and sail to freedom in Haiti? Or the one who, says the author of an upcoming book, was an innocent victim — framed by one white politician to discredit another? Read More … [Read more...]