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Columnist receives a variety of reactions to ‘I’m a genealogist’

When meeting people and the subject of “what do you do for a living” comes up, there’s an interesting mix of reactions.The most popular response is a polite, “Oh, that must be very interesting,” oftentimes followed by some genealogy frame of reference: “My aunt (or uncle or cousin or fill-in-the-blank relative) has done a lot of work on that and traced us back to … .” Read More … [Read more...]

These steps can help you trace your African roots

Searching for your African heritage is a two-step process. The first step, beginning the search and looking through recent records, is similar to the research efforts of people of European lineage in the United States. To begin your search, interview the older members of the family and write down everything they know about your family and ancestors. Keep the provable “facts” separate from family legends, but record both. The family legends can lead to areas for research later. Read More … [Read more...]