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Searching for a past

It started with a hunch but had turned into something else. Traci Wilson-Kleekamp knew that the answers lay in the census records she’d been looking over. The papers had been by her side for the past three weeks — the car, work, her bedroom, the bathroom. There was something she was missing. But as she tried to sleep one night, two details jumped out at her. An ancestor, Clory Mundy, had two biracial daughters whose last names were Overton. And there was a white man named Dudley W. Overton living next door to Mundy. In that instant, Wilson-Kleekamp abandoned sleep. She got up from … [Read more...]

Cherokee Nation and Area Council for Community Action partner to provide genealogical assistance

Cherokee Nation News Release TULSA-The Cherokee Nation and leaders from Tulsa's African-American community have announced a joint outreach program to provide genealogy research to anyone who believes they are eligible for Cherokee citizenship. The outreach program is open to individuals of all races and nationalities who believe they have Cherokee ancestry, and wish to apply for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation. In partnership with the Area Council for Community Action (ACCA), the Cherokee Nation will provide individuals genealogy research and direction in gathering the documentation … [Read more...]