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New Liberia Census Transcriptions

Four new Liberian census transcriptions for the Colony of Liberia taken September, 1843. Census of the town of Sinoe: Census of the town of Bexley: Census of the town of Edina: Census of the town of Bassa Cove: … [Read more...]

Searching for family, Chicagoans trace their roots

Kimberly Warren was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005. In March, she began to search her family history to find where the gene might have come from. “It’s something in my body,” said Warren, who is 37. “I want to know who in my family it was that gave it to me.” She joined the African-American Genealogical and Historical Society of Chicago this year to learn how to begin tracing her family roots. Read More … [Read more...]

One Man Bought Freedom From Slavery At Unusual Price

A Williamson County slave used the common chair to break down racial barriers. A Maury County exhibit is bringing Dick Poynor's story to life. Between the rolling hills of Leipers Fork, a name and a date is all we know of most who lie beneath. There is an exception with a black headstone, a single chair and the name Dick Poynor born in 1806. "He was accepted by the white community in Williamson County. He was the member of a white church. He is buried in a cemetery that was more befitting to white people considering the time period in which he lived," said Tom Price, James J. Polk … [Read more...]