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Black Genealogy: Self-Liberator and Therauputic Tool

Genealogy lecture from Elaine Pinderhughes, Professor Emerita and former chair of the clinical sequence at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. … [Read more...]

Clarifying African, African-American Ancestry

People who identify as African-American may be as little as 1 percent West African or as much as 99 percent, just one finding of a large-scale, genome-wide study of African and African-American ancestry released today. An international research team led by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University has collected and analyzed genotype data from 365 African-Americans, 203 people from 12 West African populations and 400 Europeans from 42 countries to provide a genome-wide perspective of African and African-American ancestry. Read More … [Read more...]

Archaeologists dig Westampton

After what was deemed a successful dig in October, archaeologists will resume their task of unearthing a freed slave settlement called Timbuctoo. David Orr, a professor of anthropology at Temple University, announced last week that the team of archaeologists that found several artifacts predating the Civil War will return to the township for two months next summer to continue its work. The 4.5-acre site off Rancocas Road and Church Street is believed to have been a settlement for freed slaves, a haven for fugitive slaves and possibly a stop along the Underground Railroad during the … [Read more...]

Race against time

Eugene Frazier and Thomas Johnson surveyed a forest of graves at a hidden cemetery on James Island where they said more than 200 people are laid to rest. Most of the deceased are in unmarked graves. Many of them were Africans brought here as slaves, they said. Frazier and Johnson have known about the graveyard for years. They told stories of how the property has changed hands over time. They talked about how they want to clean, document and preserve the final resting place of ancestors brought here in chains. "This is not just unique to James Island. It is throughout the state really … [Read more...]

Genealogy brings history to life for black youth

Speaking to her reflection in a wall-to-wall mirror in her grandmother’s living room one evening, 10-year-old McKinzie Domer summoned her great-great-great-great grandmother. “Fredonia, you have helped me,” she said. “When I’m having a hard time, I think about what the slaves went through and what you went through.” After a pause of silence and a lean forward, she asked her ancestor what it was like to travel as a young girl with her slave owner from Aberdeen, Mississippi, to Virginia, before the Civil War. Read More … [Read more...]

The DNA Debate: Can it help black Chicagoans find African relatives?

Many African-Americans are using technology to aid their search for identity. While there are many ways to use DNA, some black Americans are using it to supplement genealogical research to find where their roots lie in Africa. Within the past 10 years, more than 20 DNA testing companies have developed. African Ancestry has become the leading company for clients to find a genetic link to Africa. DNA lab companies can provide genetic information from the paternal line by testing the y-chromosome and the maternal line with the mitochondrial DNA. Read More … [Read more...]