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Discovery spurs family history

Elvie Barlow was rummaging through some of his grandmother’s belongings some 20 years ago when he came upon a document that would change his life forever. #African-American family is in its eighth generation of owning southeast Dougherty County farm. #“My grandmother was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s at the time, and she was always going through these papers,” Barlow, an environmental scientist with the Environmental Protection Agency and a graduate of Albany State University, said. “There was one piece of paper in her belongings that spoke to … [Read more...]

Mississippi rebel’s descendants seek family facts

One hundred and fifty years have passed since the Civil War, but in Mississippi, the descendants of a legendary rebel are still separating the facts of his life from fiction. Newton Knight, a white farmer from central Mississippi’s Jones County, rebelled against the Confederate Army. He spent years evading capture, living in swamps and the Piney Woods. He married a white woman named Serena and later moved in with a former slave named Rachel. She was owned by Knight’s family and carried their surname, and she had helped him during his days dodging the Confederate … [Read more...]