Plains reclaim historical farming town

From old mining towns in the mountains that saw claims dry up to farming communities on the Eastern Plains that suffered from a lack of water, Ghost towns exist throughout Colorado. The founder of one of these farming communities - Oliver Toussaint "O.T." Jackson - envisioned a prosperous town made up of African Americans who plowed the land and raised livestock. In 1892, Jackson moved to Boulder, where he made a name for himself in business. He owned an oyster house, ice cream parlor and operated the Stillman Hotel. But Jackson also enjoyed farming. Read More … [Read more...]

Not black enough: Some challenge Delaware Historical Society’s ability to interpret their history

Critics say the Delaware Historical Society cannot adequately tell the story of Delaware's African-Americans. The recent announcement that the society received a $1 million grant to establish an African-American Heritage Center on Market Street in downtown Wilmington has stirred the controversy. Former Wilmington Mayor Jim Sills said the society was a poor choice because it has already failed to properly portray the struggles of blacks in Delaware. "They have the capability to change," Sills said. "But in deciding on whether any group should have the responsibility of taking on a new … [Read more...]

News Roundup: Colorlines, Afro Confederates, 40 Acres Commemoration and Baker Family History

How 3 American families blurred the lines of race "The Invisible Line: Three American Families and the Secret Journey from Black to White," researches the Gibsons, Louisiana sugar planters who descended from free blacks in South Carolina and became wealthy slave holders; the Spencers, descended from two free black men who married two white sisters; and the Walls, descended from a slave owner who fathered children with three of his slaves. Georgia marks Civil War's '40 acres and a mule' The Georgia Historical Society unveiled a marker summing up the history of the "40 Acres and a Mule" … [Read more...]

Slave Cemeteries Get Cleaned, Documented

Slave cemetery registry for 16 counties in East Tennessee in the works The nonprofit historic preservation group Knox Heritage and the affiliated East Tennessee Preservation Alliance are partnering with a number of local black history groups - including the Beck Center and the African-American Heritage Alliance - to establish a regional slave cemetery registry. "We plan to locate the sites, confirm their findings, draft a brief history and create a database to include pictures and all materials we uncover. We plan to develop a booklet with all this information for educational purposes." … [Read more...]