Wordless Wednesday

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I Dream Dead People

Last night I dreamed, for the umpteenth time, that my Grandmother had died. I was at the hospital along with a handful of relatives. They told me that doctors had to cut off pieces of my Grandmother -- fingertips, pieces of her brain and some other parts of her body. Then she died. One of my cousins was there with her mother, who was tall and extremely thin. I asked my cousin if her mother was ok. She looked at me without blinking and in a deadpan voice stated "she's going to die too." We gathered for my Grandmother's funeral in what looked to be the world's largest conference room. There … [Read more...]

Women Who Are Not Close To Their Mothers

A recent thread title "Ladies who are NOT close to their mothers" on one of my favorite message boards got me to thinking. I read their stories and sympathised. To keep it short, my mother yelled at us, called us names, beat us with an extension chord, never hugged us or showed any affection at all. She counted cookies and oranges and apples and punished us if one was missing. She worked the afternoon shift but had random days off. I never knew her schedule, and my heart would sink if while walking home from school I saw her car in the driveway. Myself and three other siblings left home at or … [Read more...]