Census of the Colony of Liberia, September 1843 – Town of Monrovia – Page 5


Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home


Population of the town of Monrovia

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Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexions in the colony Profession Extent of education Health
James Eden 58 Jan., 1833 School teacher Liberal Good
Rachel Eden 48 do Wife of James Eden Reads do
James N. Lewis 24 Feb., 1824 Brother of J. N. Lewis Liberal do
Harriet Lewis 20 Jan., 1833 Wife of J. N. Lewis Reads and writes do
Sarah Eden 18 do Daughter of J. Eden Seamstress do do
Henry Eden 14 do Son of J. Eden do do
Barbary Berry 18 July, 1837 do
Samuel Young 14 June, 1830 None do
Edward Ray 10 9 August, 1842 Orphan do do
James B. Eden 25 Jan., 1833 Son of James Eden Carpenter Reads and writes do
Candace Eden 28 March, 1823 Wife of J. B. Eden do do
—-, infant daughter In the colony Daughter of J. and E. Feeble
Betsy Nelson 39 4 Feb., 1833 Nurse None Good
John W. Barbour 39 Feb., 1824 Stone mason do do
Hannah Barbour 48 do Wife of John W. Barbour do do
Robert N. Lewis 23 do Son of J. W. and Hannah Barbour Trader Reads and writes do
Thomas Barbour 14 In the colony do At school do
Henry Barbour 13 do do do do
Jehudah Barbour 6 do do do do
Isaiah Jacox 16 July, 1831 Apprentice None do
Elizabeth Jacox 15 do do do do
Julia Jacox 13 do do do do
John Rolls 26 10 March, 1841 Laborer do do
Nancy Jordan 43 Jan., 1832 Widow of Wily Jordan Washerwoman do do
Edward Williams 19 do Son of Nancy Jordan Carpenter do do
Josiah Jordan 11 do Son of Nancy and Wily Jordan At school do
Alexander Jordan 9 do do do do
Samuel Jordan 7 In the colony do do do
Polly Whitfield 48 March, 1826 Washerwoman None do
Silvia Kadet 22 Sept., 1832 do do do
Moses Williams 17 8 Oct., 1831 Son of Moses Williams, sr. Blacksmith do do
Joseph Howard 27 Sept., 1832 Seaman do do
Sarah Howard 24 Feb., 1824 Wife of Joseph Howard do do
Eliza Taylor 16 Jan., 1832 At school do
Thomas W. Howard 7 In the colony Son of Joseph Howard do do
Aquila Howard 5 do Daughter of Joseph Howard do do
Josephus Howard 1 do Son of Joseph Howard do
Lewis Curtis 9 7 do None do
Julia Smith 50 August, 1842 Mother of Nancy Smith Nurse do do
Nancy Smith 25 do Daughter of Julia Smith Washerwoman do do
Juda Smith 22 do do do do
Joshua Johnson 27 do Son of Julia Smith Laborer do do
Emily Lewis 2 5 do Nancy’s son do
Isabel Rahhahman 80 March, 1829 Widow of Addural Rahhahman Nurse None Feeble
Simon Rahhahman 21 Dec., 1830 Isabel Rahhahman’s Grandson do Good
Susan Rahhahman 17 do Isabel Rahhahman’s grand-daughter Reads do
Nancy Rahhahman 15 4 do do do do
Peter Johnson 48 Jan., 1827 Gardener None do
Pheriby Johnson 38 Feb., 1833 Wife of Peter Johnson Seamstress do do
Frances Thomas 14 do Daughter of Pheriby Johnson At school do
Mary Bullock 25 Jan., 1828 Washerwoman None do
Margaret Bullock 7 In the colony Daughter of Mary Bullock At school do
Gabriel Ammons 22 6 Jan, 1828 Seaman None do
John Leone 37 Jan., 1827 Servant do do
Rachel Leone 25 Jan., 1828 Wife of John Leone Seamstress do do
William Leone 9 In the colony Son of John and Rachel Leone At school do
George Leone 5 do do do do
Rachel Leone 7 do Daughter of John and Rachel Leone do do
Addel Leone 2 6 do Son of John and Rachel Leone do
A. W. Anderson 38 Jan., 1833 Shoe maker Liberal do
Sarah Anderson 38 Feb., 1824 Wife of A. W. Anderson None do
Thomas B. J. Anderson 3 In the colony son of A. W. Anderson do
Sally Folks 14 June, 1832 Orphan Apprentice None do
Thomas Anderson 18 In the colony do do do
William Anderson 13 do do do do
Eveline Vines 47 Jan., 1832 Nurse do do
Amanda Johnson 19 August, 1842 Seamstress do do
Dozy Trader 1 9 do Son of Amanda Johnson do
Diver Fletcher 42 Feb., 1828 Ship carpenter None do
Lucretia Fletcher 5 In the colony Daughter of Diver Fletcher At school do
Fanny Fletcher 4 do do do do
Thomas Fletcher 2 do Son of Diver Fletcher do
Harrietta Fletcher 19 Feb. 1828 Good
Marsella Fletcher 9 6 In the colony do
George Crawford 44 July, 1833 Carpenter Reads do
Malinda Crawford 42 2 do Wife of George Crawford Seamstress Reads and writes do
A. B. Henderson 55 March, 1829 Trader do do
Jane Henderson 37 August, 1482 (1842?) Wife of A. B. Henderson Reads do
John Marshall 17 do Son of Jane Henderson Laborer do do
Orleans Marshall 10 do do None do
Alfred Marshall 8 do do do do
John Clark 6 6 In the colony do do
J. W. Prout 35 March, 1826 Physician Liberal do
Mary Ann Prout 32 May, 1823 Wife of J. W. Prout Reads and writes do
Hester Prout 12 In the colony Daughter of J. W. and M. A. Prout At school do
Jacob Prout 4 do Son of J. W. and M. A. Prout do do
Elizabeth Devany 16 do Daughter of F. Devany Reads and writes do
Lucretia Jones 19 6 Jan., 1833 Seamstress Reads do
John S. Chavers 54 Feb., 1826 Grocer do do
Phebe Chavers 119 Feb., 1824 Wife of John S. Chavers None Feeble
Emily Chavers 18 Feb., 1826 Daughter of John S. Chavers Reads and writes Good
John H. Chavers 23 do Son of John S. Chavers Trader Liberal do
Henrietta Chavers 21 Jan., 1831 Wife of John H. Chavers Reads and writes do
Elizabeth Duncan 11 6 do At school do
Mary Ann Chase 27 Dec., 1831 Widow of S. Chase Seamstress None Feeble
Elizabeth Brown 14 do Good
James Chase 10 3 In the colony do
John N. Lewis 31 Feb., 1824 Husband to Susannah E. Lewis Col. Secretary Liberal do
Susannah E. Lewis 28 d0 Daughter of C. M. Waring Reads and writes do
Annette M. Lewis 9 do Daughter of J. N. and S. Lewis At school do
Josephine Lewis 8 do do do do
William Waring Lewis 5 do Son of J. N. and S. Lewis do do
Leonora Lewis 2 do Daughter of J. N. and S. Lewis do
Jane Roseta, infant do do do
Yorick Curd 28 July, 1840 Laborer None do
Mary Johnson 20 In the colony Nurse do do
Lydia Lewis 12 do Servant do do
Fanny Ellsler 8 do do do do
Delia Ellsler 8 12 do do do do
James Philips 50 Feb., 1824 Blind do do
Thomas Philips 35 do Son of James Philips Trader do Invalid
Lucinda Philips 26 June, 1830 Wife of Thomas Philips do Good
Henrietta Philips 21 In the colony Washerwoman do do
Pleasant Palms 10 5 Feb., 1838 Berry Tucker’s sister do do
Thomas Hunter 28 March, 1829 Grocer Reads do
Frederica Hunter 2 In the colony Daughter of Thomas Hunter do
—-, infant son do Son of Thomas Hunter do
Carlos Smith 14 Jan., 1833 Hunter’s brother-in-law Reads do
Thomas Hunter 12 In the colony Apprentice None do
Jane Wilson 35 6 June, 1832 Nurse do do
Gloster Simpson 53 April, 1835 Farmer Reads and writes do
Abigail Simpson 51 do Wife of Gloster Simpson None do
Hester Ann Simpson 18 do Daughter of G. and A. Simpson Seamstress Reads and writes do
Nancy Simpson 9 do do Reads do
George Simpson 12 5 In the colony Apprentice None do
Randolph Cooper 46 March, 1829 Trader do do
Nancy Cooper 48 do Wife of R. Cooper do do
Ichabod Cooper 8 In the colony Son of R. Cooper do do
Courtney Thompson 16 July, 1833 Servant do do
Julian Jones 1 5 In the colony Son of Courtney-illegitimate do
Elijah Johnson 54 March, 1820 Missionary Reads and writes do
Rachel Johnson 45 do Wife of Elijah Johnson Reads do
Ellen R. Johnson 15 In the colony Daughter of E. and R. Johnson Reads and writes do
Rebecca R. Johnson 12 do do do do
Jane R. Johnson 8 do do At school do
Hilary Johnson 6 do Son of E. and R. Johnson do do
Colinette Johnson 3 do Daughter of E. and R. Johnson do
—-, infant daughter do do do
Christopher Days 10 do Apprentice None do
Betsey 6 do do do do
Thomas 10 11 do do At school do
David Moore 56 April, 1835 Shoemaker and T. Reads and writes do
Rebecca Moore 45 do Wife of David Moore None do
Lewis Moore 12 do Nephew of Rebecca Moore do do