Emigrants to Liberia – Brig Nautilus, arrived at Sierra Leone March 8, 1821

ROLL OF EMIGRANTS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE COLONY OF LIBERIA, WESTERN AFRICA, BY THE AMERICAN COLONIZATION SOCIETY AND ITS AUXILIARIES, TO SEPTEMBER, 1843, &cTranscribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home

Brig Nautilus, arrived at Sierra Leone March 8, 1821

Names Age State or place from which they emigrated Free born or otherwise Where located on their arrial in the colony Extent of education Profession Date of death Cause of death Removed to what place Removal date Removal Cause
John J. Barbour 18 Virginia Free born Writes Tobacconist 1831 Decline
Jacob Brander 50 do do do Carpenter 1824 Unknown
Caleb Brander 10 do do Spells 1821 Fever
Charles Brander 36 do do None Ditcher
Lot Cary 38 do Writes Tobacconist 1828 Casualty
Nancy Cary 25 do do Reads 1821 Fever
Frances Cary 15 do do do S. Leone 1821
Nancy Cary 12 do do do 1836 Female Disease
James Cary 10 do do do 1833 Drowning
Allen Clark 20 do do None Farmer 1821 Fever
Jonas Cary 17 do do do Cooper
Maria Coker 30 Maryland do Writes S. Leone 1822
Daniel Coker, jr. 16 do do do do 1822
Samuel Coker 8 do do Spells do 1822
Anthony Dickson 28 Virginia do Reads Cooper and carpenter do 1822
Priscilla Dickson 26 do do do do 1822
Thomas A. Harris 30 Maryland do Writes Caulker 1832 Decline
Henrietta Harris 25 do do Reads Seamstress 1833 Decline
Edward Harris 6 do do None 1835 Decline
Daniel Harris 4 do do do
William Holanger 19 Virginia do do Cooper 1835 Unknown
John Wiley 21 do do Farmer 1822 Casualty-musket shot, November, 1822
Joseph Langford 75 do do Cooper 1821 Fever
Susan Langford 58 do do 1827 Decline
William Mathews 10 do do Writes do 1822
R. H. Sampson* 50 do do 1833 Decline
Maria Sampson 17 do do Reads 1830 Drowning
Mary Sampson 16 do do Spells 1822 Female Disease
Nancy Sampson 13 do do do do 1822
Colin Teague 36 do Writes Saddler 1839 Pleurisy
Hillary Teague 19 Virginia Free born Writes &c.
Colinett Teague 15 do do do
Francis Teague 34 do do do

* Purchased their freedom.