African Americans on 1866 Floyd County Virginia Tax Rolls

African Americans on 1866 Floyd County Virginia Tax Rolls
Source: Auditor of Public Accounts, Personal Property Tax Books, 1863, 1865-1869,
Library of Virginia, Richmond, Reel # 506
Contributed by Cynthia Wilson

Henry Adams, Pleasant Agnew, Thomas Agnew, David, Akers, David Aldredge, Phillip Allen

Buford Biggs, Calvin Bishop

Simon Peter Callaway , Baronet Cannaday, Joseph Cannaday, Henry Cannaday, Creed Cannaday, Edmond Cannaday, James Carter, Madison Carter, James Carter, Jeremiah Clater, John Clater, Anderson Clater, Richard Cox, Robert Craig

Charles Davis, Luke Deskins, John M. Deskins, Robert Divers, Peter Divers, Thomas Dulaney, York Duncan & son

James Fenly, John Fields, John Franklin, George Franklin, Tolbert Frog, Davis Furguson

Foster Gaines, James Giles, Charles Gray, Jacob Guerrant

Samuel Haden, Lewis Haden, Nelson Helms, Jessie Helms, Sandy Helms, Creed Helms, Thomas Hilton, Burwell Howard, William Howard, Jack Howard, Daniel T. Howard, Samuel Howell, Harvey Huff, Henry Huff

Lott Jefferson

George Kennerly

Lot Lee & 2 sons, William Leftwich, Henry Levesay, Oliver Levesay, Croft (?) Madison, Joseph Mix, Thomas Moore, Jackson Moore, Spencer A. Morgan, William H. Morris, Daniel Mosely, Marshall S. Moss, Robert Motley, Lewis Murfey

Josiah Parker, Samuel Parker, Granville Parks, William Penn, James M. Price, Jacob Price

Buford Radford, Samuel Rakes, Willis Reynolds, Harvey Reynolds, Joseph Reynolds, Henry Reynolds, Enoch Reynolds

William Sanders, Wiatt Sanders, Pleasant Sanders, Sparrel Sanders, Morris Sanders & son, Shepard Shelor, Guy Shelor, Henry Slaughter, Lewis Smith, Henry Smith, Brock Sowers, James Steward, Burwell Stovall, John Stuard, Franklin Stuart, Raleigh Survey

Fleming Taylor, Mot Terry, Steven Thomas, Wiley Thomas, Leonard Thompson or Sanders, Giles Turner, Gloster Turner

Samuel & Eakins Walker, Jack Walton, Terrell W. Webb, Solomon Wells, Brock Wells, Richard Woods, James Woodsen, George O. Wright

Macajah Yearout, Lott Yearout