Is Your “Cherokee” Ancestry Actually African-American?

In his landmark manifesto Custer Died for your Sins, American-Indian activist Vine Deloria notes an increasingly popular phenomenon: people of white ancestry claiming to be Native American-- usually matrilineal, and usually Cherokee. We have all seen this bizarre trend, and many families unknowingly participate in it. Read More … [Read more...]

Man’s search for ancestry, answers leads to Caswell, documentary

At 28 years old, David A. Wilson looked around his hometown at the rough streets of Newark, N.J. and questioned what he saw - black people living day in and day out in a demoralized state. He asked himself, "How did we get here?" His search for answers led Wilson to his ancestors and a history he came to understand was not one of victimization, but of victory. Read More … [Read more...] Celebrates Canada’s Black History With Largest Collection of Online Records

TORONTO, Feb. 5 -, Canada's leading online family history website, celebrates Black History Month with an unprecedented array of online historical records that trace the lives of black Canadians dating back to pre-Confederation, including records from the First World War's Second Construction Battalion, the only all-black military battalion in Canada's history. These records are a treasure trove of information for almost 800,000 black Canadians living today. Public records, personal narratives, legal documents and letters all detail the contributions of the black community … [Read more...]

A black and white connection through common ancestry

After years of exchanging e-mails and long-distance phone calls, Norman J. Landerman-Moore and Ann Moore Black met face-to-face for the Western Region African American Conference held at the Bellevue South Stake Center building. The two are distant cousins, related through a common great-great-grandfather, Caleb Moore, of Ten-Mile, Meigs County, Tenn. Read More … [Read more...]