Celebrates Canada’s Black History With Largest Collection of Online Records

TORONTO, Feb. 5 -, Canada's leading online family history website, celebrates Black History Month with an unprecedented array of online historical records that trace the lives of black Canadians dating back to pre-Confederation, including records from the First World War's Second Construction Battalion, the only all-black military battalion in Canada's history. These records are a treasure trove of information for almost 800,000 black Canadians living today. Public records, personal narratives, legal documents and letters all detail the contributions of the black community … [Read more...]

Piece of black history rests with Arkansas church

Centennial Baptist Church sits silently on a downtown street, its doors locked and window panes so clouded light has trouble getting in. The roof is sagging and some shingles are missing. The foundation has started to crack. A National Historic Landmark, the church was built by a black architect and was pastored by the Rev. Elias Camp Morris, president from 1895 to 1922 of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Read More … [Read more...]