Blacks and the Confederacy: an incomplete story

It's estimated that between 60,000 and 93,000 blacks served the Confederate military "in some capacity." Many, no doubt, were "body servants" who went to war with their masters. Officially, blacks were prohibited from enlisting in the Confederate army until March 23, 1865, when an order came that slaves could be armed to fight to earn their freedom. Read More … [Read more...]

Families research African-American Confederates

Historians such as Earl Ijames have learned that very little about the Civil War was black and white, even when it came to the hues of the soldiers' skin. Ijames, a curator at the N.C. Museum of History and a former staffer in the state Office of Archives and History, has become something of an expert on a group of black soldiers many people don't know -- or don't want to know -- existed. Read More … [Read more...]