Revisiting family history

Jean Douglas wants to know her name. Oh, she knows the name her parents gave her. She knows the names of her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. But beyond that, where did her family come from? It is a mystery Douglas would love to solve someday. Read More … [Read more...]

Story of Newport family begins nearly 200 years ago in Wayne County

About 1812, when Great Britain went to war for the second time with the United States, farmer William Newport left his home in Connecticut and settled in Sodus Point, a frontier port on Lake Ontario in what would become Wayne County. Newport, then in his early 30s, was a free African American in a state that would allow slavery for another 15 years. Read More … [Read more...]

Even in Ford family, race divides generations

Was the matriarch of a Memphis political dynasty a white woman who married into a black family? Or was she a black woman with a white forefather buried in her lineage, a past shared with millions of black people? And why does it matter? An old but interesting article found here: Even in Ford family, race divides generations (Rep. Harold Ford JR., TN - Ford Family Feud … [Read more...]