Finding their voice

A new group has formed for Bermudians wishing to embrace their Native American roots. The St. David's Islanders and Native Community was created for Bermudians with heritage in any Native American nation or tribe. Read More … [Read more...]

New Exhibit Profiles Ontario’s Early Black History

TORONTO and DRESDEN, ON, Dec. 13 /CNW/ - A traveling exhibit called Enslaved Africans in Upper Canada will leave a lasting legacy for the McGuinty government's year-long commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. Developed in collaboration with the Archives of Ontario, the exhibit introduces us to abolitionists and lawmakers, and tells the stories of the enslaved Africans who fought for freedom for all. "This year has been an opportunity for Ontarians to learn about a little known part of our province's history," said Ontario's Minister of … [Read more...]

Africans’ Presence in Europe: Historical Perspective

Most of us seem to think that the presence of Africans in Europe is of recent times, though history shows otherwise. Africa had flourishing societies and highly developed cultures long before Europe, and of course people of Africa did travel and explore other continents. Black legions invaded Germany with Julius Ceasar, there have been discoveries in France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, England and Finland, Scandinavia and as far north as the Arctic Circle. There were blacks among the Celts and Vikings, I have read some place that Thorhall the Hunter, Thorstein the Black and Halvdan Svarte … [Read more...]

Slavery in the Golden State

Did slavery once exist in California? Most Californians, remembering their fourth-grade history classes, would say it did not, and history buffs might point out that California entered the union in 1850 as a "free state," not a "slave state." Technically they're correct, says Michael Magliari, a professor of history at Chico State University. The kind of slavery practiced in the South prior to the Civil War never existed in California. But in the same year California became a state, its Legislature also passed the first of several laws that effectively allowed slavery for the next 17 … [Read more...]

Slaves among our ancestors says professor

BLACK slaves brought to Scotland in the 18th century could be among the nation's ancestors, evidence uncovered by a leading academic from Edinburgh University has suggested. John Cairns, professor of legal history, discovered that at least 80 slaves from the West Indies, Bengal and the British colonies in North America came to Scotland, and there is evidence that several married and had children. Read More … [Read more...]

Jamaica’s Maroons remember the fight against slavery

Steep hills, towering cliffs and a dense limestone forest shroud this remote mountain village, born out of the decades-long struggle between English colonizers and runaway slaves.Back then, the drums of resistance could be heard across the rugged terrain as bands of freed and escaped slaves outwitted and ambushed their enemy. In 1739, the British empire sued for peace and signed a historic treaty giving the once-enslaved Africans autonomy and recognition as free people -- 68 years ahead of Britain's ban of the brutal trading in enslaved Africans across the Atlantic. Read More … [Read more...]