Historian helps trace Free Hill roots

Starting with her own name and information, Mary Hamilton Bartlett wrote down everything she knew about her family -- dates of birth, records of death, places of burial -- outlining neatly in detail a sort of family tree, but one with several missing links. With much searching, Bartlett, a descendent of one of the early settlers of Free Hill, considered one of the oldest African-American communities in America, has so far traced back to her great-great-grandmother, a Ms. Caroline Hamilton, born around 1830. Her photo is now laminated along with newspaper clippings highlighting Free Hill's … [Read more...]

Mystery Florida Graveyard May Be Historical Bahamian Cemetery

An unmarked cemetery found in South Florida is believed to be the burial site of over 500 Bahamians, Florida officials say. Florida historian, Larry Wiggins, says he believes the site is of the Lemon City Cemetery, a cemetery for settlers from the Bahamas who went to South Florida in the early 1900s to tend to wealthy whites, and to help build Florida’s most cosmopolitan city. Teresita DeVeaux, a 100-year-old woman who was born in the Bahamas and moved to Miami as a child during the early 1900s, told international media that she remembered that a young man named Theophilus Clark was … [Read more...]