Tombstones at predominantly African-American cemetery in Friendsville, Tennessee, vandalized, used for target practice

Community members are rallying around a historic cemetery in Blount County, after it was learned vandals were desecrating tombstones and using them for target practice.

Shirley Carr Clowney, Executive Director of the African Americans of Appalachia and Blount County, was among a group of volunteers inspecting damage Wednesday morning at the mostly African-American cemetery in Friendsville.

“For people not to have more respect for people who are buried here, it’s very depressing,” she said after seeing a tombstone pock-marked by apparent shotgun blasts.
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  1. AnkhTawySeshet says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. When will we wake up and shake the dust off of our feet. After four centuries, we are still targets of uncivilized people. I live in Tennessee and our progress is take one step forward and three steps back.
    I haven’t visited the website in some months and it looks fantastic.

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